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tell them what I hoped would be impossible.

this is new for me
i actually feel wanted.
more so than i ever was in my last trainwreck of a relationship.

lose one person from your life, gain many.
so many new people in my life who are actually genuine and care about me.
it's fantastic, and im at a point where im completely happy for once.

so lets see. BIG update.

i got 3rd at SkillsUSA nationals, missed 2nd by a tenth of a point, and first by one point.
met some incredible people while there.
and some crazy ones too...im going to miss you boy from mississippi who does ufc in his backyard and kicks peoples faces in </3. cst went out to eat last night, i had sushi for the first time ever. it was pretty yummy. tomorrow, thurs, and friday i have work. but friday night im going to see fireworks with nick! im excited. and in a few weeks i get to meet ryan which is also pretty awesome. this summer is going amazing.

and another thing...
i dont need any of you anymore,
im happier on my own.

my life is falling apart anyway

dear friends,

fuck all of you. <3

fuck it.
life for me the past few days has been completely awful.
im in one of the worst moods ever, and i just feel like giving up.

im so sick of people, and majority of my friends.
im sick of how my days have been going,
and i am no longer excited for college. i actually dont even feel like going to massart anymore.

i dont want to be in the same school with people i know.
i want to start over some place else.
so im probably transferring to risd or pratt next year.

im tired of pulling everyone elses weight, and tired of always having to speak for them.
im one person. and i refuse to give a shit about the rest of you anymore.

you are all out for yourselves, so now its my turn.

i havent been 100% happy in so long.
i wish i wasnt depressed anymore, because its nearly impossible to enjoy myself doing anything.

people just need to stop being so fucking selfish,
and my life needs to get back on track.

everything is going wrong.
everything that made me happy is gone.

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one second im happy, the next im not.
life has been throwing me some awful curve balls.
and ive been dealing with some pointless stuff.

i woke up really sick this morning. and my head feels like its on backwards right now.
an hour and a half to hangout isnt good enough for tyler, and im spending the night alone.

im in an awful mood. but maybe design can make it better,
though i doubt it cause i dont have any ideas tonight like i did yesterday.
so ill probably just get aggravated and quit.

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i am seriously loving the amazing weather massachusetts has been having lately! its so refreshing, and puts me in a great mood. today i went driving with my brother, on the road! my first time, and he said i did wicked good. we went by the water in the rich part of dartmouth, i forget the name. but it was fun and i did really good minus a few things....like getting the gas confused with the brake! but lets not go there...haha. i actually like driving now, and should have my license july 1st or 2nd!! or somewhere around there. Ill be able to go somewhere for my birthday with tyler alone. :D. speaking of which, me and tyler hung out today, watched a movie and played some video games it was fun. i miss him. he has lacrosse and i have school and college stuff. so we really can only see eachother at lunch or on saturdays, us driving will make shit so much easier and this summer will be epic. i absolutely cannot wait.

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All I want out of this summer is countless days at the beach, and to be outdoors as much as possible. Whether im drawing, walking, or just chilling. I want this summer to be relaxing.

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this weather is putting me in a bad mood.
where are you, summer?!

all i did was sleep this whole weekend, knowing i had massive amounts of work to do...
so guess what im doing now?! yeah... it sucks

I have to study for 3 tests and do 7 thumbnails, and a lot of laundry.

Im trying to have fun this year, but it seems to be pretty impossible.

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My reflections are protections
They will keep me from destruction


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