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I'd just like to follow up my last post with more on Apolo Anton Ohno. How amazing can one individual be? It's absolutely ridiculous how positive and talented this man is. In his race for gold in the 500 he was in last the whole race. On the final curve he went to pass Canada placing his hand on their hip to keep from banging into him. He did not push him, but less than a second after he removed his hand, the Canadian fell. A Korean also fell by himself infront of Apolo setting him up for second. They reviewed the video and DQ'd Apolo. I completely disagree with the choice of the referee, as does Apolo himself and many others. The referee was Canadian which causes the thought that it was a biased decision. Anyway, even with the DQ, and not placing in the 500 Apolo Ohno remained positive with no regrets after the race. Just the fact that he had second place taken from him without being upset or angry is completely admirable. He is so dedicated to his sport and team which showed in the relay as well, and the US team took home a Bronze metal in that. This was due to a huge push in the end from Apolo Ohno closing the gaps and passing China.

All I can say is that no one in my life has ever inspired me as much as Apolo Ohno. I can truly say I have a hero for the first time. He's an absolutely beautiful human being. He has an amazing personality and the fact that hes gorgeous with a great body doesn't hurt ;]. haha

But in all seriousness. wow. i wish i could be even half as incredible as he is.

Completely inspiring and deserving of every single race he has won, and medal he has earned.

Apolo Eight. Congratulations.

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I got gold, and I worked hard for it. and in all honesty Apolo Anton Ohno is my role model. I look up to him for so many reasons. His dedication. Hard work. Skill. Everything. He's an all around good person, and it really inspired and pushed me to achieve what I've been striving for for 3 years. He's positive about every race even if he makes a mistake, and he's constantly saying inspiring words. I admire him for that. Completely. I relate to him in a few ways. Like being so dedicated to what you love, and striving for the best for 3 years, pushing yourself to the limit, and knowing that even if you didn't place you took something away from it and thats all that matters. And it's not only in Skills that he inspires me. He inspires me in everyday life. It's a great feeling to finally have that one person to look up to. I don't know, maybe I sound like a moron, but I don't care. I look up to him. he deserves gold. and now i know i do too.

"Without Struggle - There is No Satisfaction".

- Apolo Anton Ohno

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so. i plan on going to Russia in 2014.
should be fun, and definitely an experience ill remember forever.

anyway. today i got my junior banquet dress in. its pretty.

i cant wait for prom though

a list of goals. long and short term.
so i've been thinking.. i haven't made a list in awhile that wasn't a to-do one. so here is one of my goals and stuff. some are more unattainable than others. but id like to accomplish them all nonetheless.

here it goes:
• get into college
• get a job in my field
• work 2 jobs
• get my license and a car
• place at skills in whichever event
• meet Apolo Anton Ohno
• go away somewhere for a week this summer. preferably new hampshire, vermont, canada, ireland, or venice.
• begin to snowboard again. cause i miss it.
• get a new phone
• bring my mom on a vacation
• visit japan, seattle, russia, chicago, and alaska
• learn how to play guitar
• donate a large amount of money to charity
• adopt a kitten
• make a name for myself
• go to the gym, and lose weight and tone my body
• eat healthier
• live happy.

probably more to come.

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vacation sucked.

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i no longer have any one to go to
so ill keep to myself
everyone keeps telling me they know how i feel.

you don't. don't kid yourself.

growing apart from just about everyone in my life.
id rather stay home alone than have a friend over.
i find comfort in my solitude.

maybe i just need to be treated as something a little more important

winter olympics
SO. I think I am just about the only person I know who gets into the winter olympics as much as i do.
I love everything about them. Especially Speed Skating, Snowboarding, and Figure Skating.

I was basically screaming tonight when Evan Lysacek got gold! I was so gassed!!! and still am! He performed brilliantly.Daisuke Takahashi from Japan was my favorite after the short program and I wanted to see him place, which he did! Bronze though, I wish it were Silver. Johnny Weir did amazing tonight as well, he's so fluid in his movements and landings.

Last night, as everyone knows Shaun White got gold in half pipe cause he's ridiculously amazing. And I was so excited when he won. Bouncing up and down and all.

And i can't forget Apolo Ohno, my favorite<3. He's gotten a silver so far, and will be going for more soon. I can't wait. I'll be cheering for him for sure.

Oh goodness, I'm gonna be screwed at Skills, because ive been watching the Olympics instead of studying. Oh well.

Self Portrait
vote for me! i need all the help i can get!

vote for me!

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getting back on track. finally.


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