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this is new for me
i actually feel wanted.
more so than i ever was in my last trainwreck of a relationship.

lose one person from your life, gain many.
so many new people in my life who are actually genuine and care about me.
it's fantastic, and im at a point where im completely happy for once.

so lets see. BIG update.

i got 3rd at SkillsUSA nationals, missed 2nd by a tenth of a point, and first by one point.
met some incredible people while there.
and some crazy ones going to miss you boy from mississippi who does ufc in his backyard and kicks peoples faces in </3. cst went out to eat last night, i had sushi for the first time ever. it was pretty yummy. tomorrow, thurs, and friday i have work. but friday night im going to see fireworks with nick! im excited. and in a few weeks i get to meet ryan which is also pretty awesome. this summer is going amazing.


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