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fuck it.
life for me the past few days has been completely awful.
im in one of the worst moods ever, and i just feel like giving up.

im so sick of people, and majority of my friends.
im sick of how my days have been going,
and i am no longer excited for college. i actually dont even feel like going to massart anymore.

i dont want to be in the same school with people i know.
i want to start over some place else.
so im probably transferring to risd or pratt next year.

im tired of pulling everyone elses weight, and tired of always having to speak for them.
im one person. and i refuse to give a shit about the rest of you anymore.

you are all out for yourselves, so now its my turn.

i havent been 100% happy in so long.
i wish i wasnt depressed anymore, because its nearly impossible to enjoy myself doing anything.

people just need to stop being so fucking selfish,
and my life needs to get back on track.

everything is going wrong.
everything that made me happy is gone.


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