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i am seriously loving the amazing weather massachusetts has been having lately! its so refreshing, and puts me in a great mood. today i went driving with my brother, on the road! my first time, and he said i did wicked good. we went by the water in the rich part of dartmouth, i forget the name. but it was fun and i did really good minus a few getting the gas confused with the brake! but lets not go there...haha. i actually like driving now, and should have my license july 1st or 2nd!! or somewhere around there. Ill be able to go somewhere for my birthday with tyler alone. :D. speaking of which, me and tyler hung out today, watched a movie and played some video games it was fun. i miss him. he has lacrosse and i have school and college stuff. so we really can only see eachother at lunch or on saturdays, us driving will make shit so much easier and this summer will be epic. i absolutely cannot wait.


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